Customizable DVIR application for fleets and telematics service providers

Truck or bus drivers subjected to FMCSA regulations perform daily pre-trip and post-trip equipment inspections. ISE’s eFleetSuite Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) application enforces a simple but effective process for paperless management of inspection reports. The application is easy-to-use, customizable and specifically designed for quick adoption by fleets and telematics service providers. At Southeastern Freight Lines eFleetSuite has been custom integrated and deployed fleet wide, processing over 14,000 DVIRs daily and eliminating over 9 million paper forms annually.

Application Overview

eFleetSuite DVIR is an end-to-end application enforces a simple but effective process for paperless management of inspection reports compliant with FMCSA 396.11 and .13 regulations:

Create DVIR: At the end of a trip, the mobile application prompts the driver to create a report for the vehicle and each attached trailer. The driver documents any defects and deficiencies.

Document Repairs: Maintenance personnel use the web application to review defects and deficiencies, enter notes and document repairs.

Review Previous Inspection: When the driver takes the wheel, the mobile application retrieves the latest information for the vehicle and current trailers, creating a reviewable report. After reviewing the report, the driver checks one or more boxes to indicate satisfaction that the vehicle is in safe operating condition.

The eFleetSuite DVIR application is comprised of three major components:

  • Driver Interface: Resides in the vehicle on a handheld or fixed display.
  • Communications Channel: Exchanges information between the vehicle and web application.
  • Web Interface: Allows authorized users to review DVIRs and document repairs from any computer using a web browser.