eFleetSuite – FMCSA 395 Subpart B Compliant Electronic Driver Logs Application

Our team began designing and implementing electronic driver log systems over twenty years ago. This unrivaled experience has resulted in our industry-leading eFleetSuite Electronic Driver Logs application.

eFleetSuite’s Driver Logs application is an easy-to-use, full-featured application specifically designed for quick adoption by fleets and telematics service providers. At Southeastern Freight Lines the eFleetSuite Driver Logs application has been custom integrated and deployed fleet-wide, processing over 30,000 driver logs monthly.

Independent Truckers Deserve an ELD Choice

When you've run hundreds of thousands, or even millions of miles incident-free, validating that you know best when and how you should be operating a CMV, it's easy to see the ELD Mandate as a disrespectful intrusion. At ISE Fleet Services, we understand that. Even if done begrudgingly, however, ELD should be done right... with consideration of your concerns in mind.

Application Overview

The end to end Electronic Driver Logs application meets and exceeds all FMCSA 395 Subpart B regulations for Hours of Service. It captures all required information for the driver’s log and automatically calculates driver’s time remaining based on various daily and weekly limits. Comprehensive back-office reporting allows fleet personnel to make proactive decisions to avoid HOS violations and focus on resource optimization.

The ISE Driver Logs application is comprised of three major components:

  • Driver Interface: Resides in the vehicle on a Windows or Android display. In-vehicle hardware is connected to the vehicle data bus.
  • Communications Channel: Exchanges information between the vehicle and web application.
  • Web Interface: Reporting allows access to driver logs, violations, driver time, mileage summaries, driver availability amongst others.