eFleetSuite – FMCSA 395 Subpart B Compliant Electronic Driver Logs Application

Our team began designing and implementing electronic driver log systems over twenty years ago. This unrivaled experience has resulted in our industry-leading eFleetSuite Electronic Driver Logs application.

eFleetSuite’s Driver Logs application is an easy-to-use, full-featured application specifically designed for quick adoption by fleets and telematics service providers. At Southeastern Freight Lines the eFleetSuite Driver Logs application has been custom integrated and deployed fleet-wide, processing over 30,000 driver logs monthly.

Application Overview

The end to end Electronic Driver Logs application meets and exceeds all FMCSA 395 Subpart B regulations for Hours of Service. It captures all required information for the driver’s log and automatically calculates driver’s time remaining based on various daily and weekly limits. Comprehensive back-office reporting allows fleet personnel to make proactive decisions to avoid HOS violations and focus on resource optimization.

The ISE Driver Logs application is comprised of three major components:

  • Driver Interface: Resides in the vehicle on a Windows or Android display. In-vehicle hardware is connected to the vehicle data bus.
  • Communications Channel: Exchanges information between the vehicle and web application.
  • Web Interface: Reporting allows access to driver logs, violations, driver time, mileage summaries, driver availability amongst others.